Fishtank BBC Clip

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Fishtank 2010 Photos

Photos from the Fishtank 2010 festival are now up. Check them out here.

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Thank You Fishtank Festival 2010!

Thank you all for making The Fishtank Festival 2010 so amazing! Thank you to our artists, who were incredible. For more information about any of our artists check out the Artists page. Check out their myspace pages, their twitter feeds and hide in the bushes outside their flats. If there are no bushes, plant some, then come back a few months later. If you would like to find out about getting involved in Fishtank in any way please use the contact form on this website. If you have any comments or suggestions about anything please get in touch too.

Thank you too to the thousand people who made the party so great. And great it was! Stay tuned for video clips and photographs from the festival. If you filmed or took pictures please let us know – we love photographers! You can never know too many! Staff were fantastic; look out for an acoustic set from our security team.

Thank you also to our sponsors Kopparberg, People Tree, Duck and Cover and Monkey Shoulder.


The Codfather, Daddy Mackerel and Salmon Cushdy

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Fishtank on the BBC!

With only one day remaining till the festival, we wanted to share the news report that BBC London filmed on Fishtank. It aired yesterday around 6.45pm and you can check it out on here here.

The news report features some of our artists who will be performing for us this weekend – singer Ryan Keen, poet Suli Breaks, Laura Ever Johns and her film By Hook and dancer Dean Reeve.

Today is the last chance to get advance tickets – tickets on the door will be a couple of squid extra. Just follow the link for tickets above and get involved.

By Hook by Laura Evers Johns

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